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The Keith Guster interview in
Record Collector Magazine about the band
and its NEW compilation album

Keith was interviewed by Jack Watkins of Record Collector Magazine back in February and the article appeared in the March 2013 edition.

You can read the full interview by purchasing a copy or subscribing on-line at www.recordcollectormag.com

Keith talks to Record Collector Magazine's Jack Watkins

In the interview Keith talks about past times with Fleur de Lys and also about the new forthcoming compilation album which is about to be released by Acid Jazz, including a vinyl version!

Acid Jazz's AJX324 - Fleur De Lys - ‘You’ve Got To Earn It’

Acid Jazz say on their website...

In collaboration with the one consistent member, Keith Guster, we have put together this glorious album that will see the FDL take their rightful place as 60s legends.

I was just sweet 17 when the original Fleur De Lys were formed in Southampton, 1964 but by March ‘66 I was the only original of those four to head for the bright lights of London, where I knew it was all happening. Well, a hell of a lot did happen…”

The album, ‘You’ve Got To Earn It’ contains sleeve notes written by Keith himself - first hand reflections on each song as well as previously unreleased material.

Available on; Heavyweight vinyl LP (which comes with an exclusive poster), CD album and digital download. Each with their own unique track listings.







Record Collector's article




The new Fleur de Lys Poster included with the vinyl version of the album



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