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Here is some very useful FREE desktop music shareware

I  congratulate the people that wrote them and the fact that they make these freely available so you don't need any  DOSH to obtain them.

To download these to your machine double-click the link and follow the dialogue box to save it to file on your hard drive, then double click that file to install. Simple - got it?

You do this at your own risk of course and by clicking, downloading and installing any of these you agree that I cannot be held responsible for any problems they cause you. They have all been virus checked although they work well for me, if they don't for you then it's not my fault - ok?

MP3 Coder/Player

One of the biggest things on the net today is MP3 music. Normally when you record a music track as a wav file on your hard-drive it is so huge and uses up such a lot of disk space it is not worth keeping many tracks. But if you 'squash the wav file using this utility, the resulting MP3 file is substantially smaller - which means you can keep more tracks without filling up your drive and they can be small enough to email. The best bit is that they lose very little of the (CD) quality of the original. The program will also play any MP3 files which you have and comes with full online help - enjoy!

Size = 1.14 megabytes



This useful utility converts time to beats per minute. I have found this really useful when setting up delay times on multi effects units so that they synchronise to the music (the  repeats are in time)

Size = 0.29 megabytes



This one allows you to easily calculate those irritating checksums when putting together midi sysex

Size = 0.03 megabytes