a film by
Sean Caveille


Click here to listen to the play -The Great West Road- by Ade Morris

The recording is 58 minutes long and may take a little while to download to your PC although it may start immediately on some newer PCs. Please ensure your PC's speakers are connected and the volume is turned up to listen.

The Great West Road is a Thatcham Community play which tells three inter-linked stories of the people of the past and present who reside or have resided in Thatcham. The play is written by Ade Morris.

Shadows was linked to this play by co-incidence!

Kevin Dyson has worked with Sean Caveille on several of his other films. Kevin has composed and recorded music, sound effects and voice overs for Sean's soundtracks and will also be composing and recording for Sean on this latest film too.

While working on a unrelated musical project with musician Mike Heath, Kevin learned from Mike that Ade Morris was researching local stories for consideration for a new play.

Kevin relayed the story to Ade and was delighted to hear later, that Ade was to include the storyline of this little known-about bomber crash in his play The Great West Road.

Kevin and Sean were invited to watch a local production of the play in Thatcham during March where it was recorded by BBC Radio Berkshire's Duncan McLarty for future broadcast.

Sean, Kevin and Duncan were introduced to each other by Ade Morris and Duncan suggested an interview about Shadows as a follow up to the play on April 2nd 2008.

As a result Sean was interviewed in BBC Radio Bristol's Studio during the broadcast while Ade and some of the cast were interviewed in Thatcham. Mary Mockus-Shipler (the daughter of John P Mockus who died in the air accident in 1944) made a very kind contribution to the interview by telephone from her home in Las Vegas USA.

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