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Gordon Haskell

Gordon Haskell 1946 –  2020

He was so much more talented than he was ever given credit for. I'll really miss his humour, his guitar playing and his awesome songwriting talent.

A great friend.

Rupert I'll miss you

Gordon's video - How Wonderful You Are



The Fleur de Lys (or Les Fleur de Lys as they were originally known) were formed in Southampton in 1964.

The band was the brain child of Dave Jay, Southampton’s answer to Brian Epstein and they became one of the most talented of Britain's bands throughout 1965 to 1969.

During their varied personel changes, only drummer
Keith Guster
was a member throughout their entire history until they finally disbanded in 1969

Now for the first time through this website
and also through the accompanying book
'The Fleur De Lys - Circles' by Paul 'Smiler' Anderson and Damian Jones, Keith and the other band members reveal the true story of the band's momentous journey with unseen images and some unheard material from their early recordings (one with a young Jimmy Page in charge of production), to their final single 'You're Just A Liar'


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The Keith Guster talks about the
new Fleur de Lys compilation album
released by Acid Jazz,
in an interview wiith Record Collector Magazine

The book circles by Paul 'Smiler' anderson and Damian Jones

The Fleur de Lys - 'Circles'
by Paul 'Smiler' Anderson and Damian Jones
in association with Acid Jazz Books,
tells the strange story of
Britain's forgotten soul band



New Release from Acid Jazz

The Ultimate Fleur De Lys

Issued digitally, on CD and in a limited edition gatefold coloured double vinyl, it has been produced with the full co-operation of the group’s Keith Guster.

Compiled by Eddie Piller and Dean Rudland and the band’s official biographer Paul ‘Smiler’ Anderson, who has contributed an extended note that tells the band’s story in compelling detail.

The Fleur de Lys album


The first official album by FDL. Compiled in collaboration with Keith Guster, the only constant member of the band.
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Is this the only surviving live recorded track of the band?Click here!

See the first Fleur de Lys
video of their reunion gig November 2009!
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The reunion gig of members of
Les Fleur de Lys took place
at the 100CLUB in London last November.
It was their first performance in 40 years

To see a slide show of stills from the
re-union, click on the image above!

Keith would like to thank Smiler and Damian and all those involved, in helping to produce this fantastic book, and also friends especially all those who performed and worked their arses off to make the reunion gig such as fantastic success!!!



See the Acid Jazz website for more details about the book and the ep
See the 100 Club website for more details about the book