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Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Studio Plus video editing software

Sony Sound forge

Sony Sound Forge audio editing software

Adobe Premiere Pro CS3

Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 video editing software










On this page are pictures and details the cameras which make up the dysongs image arsenal plus details of other hardware and software used for image processing and editing

Sony HDR-FX1 and Senheiser microphone

Sony HDR-FX1 Hi Definition Wide-screen Video Camera

Sony DSR-SR75

Sony DSR-SR75 Wide-screen video camera

Sony DSR-SR75

Nikon D80 with 50 - 200mm Nikor zoom lens

Sony DSR-SR75

Sony DSC-P8 used for photo-sketching

Dysongs logo

Roland VS-880

Above - Roland VS-880 digital audio recorder

Below Audio-Technica AT-4035 - both used for voice overs

audio Technica AT-4035 Capacitor microphone

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