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Dysongs Studio

The Dysongs Studio

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Audio Editing

Any type of audio can be seamlessly spliced together and volume maximised. Special effects, samples and ambiences can be added.

Backing Tracks

Professional quality backing tracks using sounds from high quality sound modules or software sythesizers. Backing vocals and live guitar can be added for authenticity. Key and speed adjustment is also possible.

CD, DVD, BD, DAT Cassette, and VHS Duplication

Duplication of content of any type of standard media in quantities up to 100 copies. Cover and insert design.

Demos and recording for albums and singles

A very patient and sensitive service to help you get the best out of your special talents be they vocals or instrumentals. Backing vocals and instrumentals by professional session musicians

Film Scoring

Writing and production of music for films and processing of audio and special effects.


Professional jingles and sound effects for Radio or Disco as mp3 or on minidisk.
Voice artist hire

Live Recording.

Live recording of bands, choirs and artists on location in stereo and audio mixing and processing in the studio.

Media Conversion

Conversion of any media to any media whether it's vinyl to CD, DAT to CD, VHS to DVD etc.

Musical Arrangements

For bands, choirs and artists. All styles covered for all instruments.

Musical Transcription

Ideas of songs and music transcribed into printed scores

Pod Casting

Audio, video and image content compiled into a programme and placed on a webpage


Samples recorded, processed and formatted for all types of machines

Song Writing

All styles covered, demos and scores can be provided

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Many recording requirements may combine several processes offered here

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