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Dysongs Solo gives me a chance to play some of the songs I have always wanted to play. Being a guitarist it is probably not surprising that many of the songs I play are the guitar greats - songs by Gary Moore, Steve Lukather, Mark Knopfler, Ritchie Blackmoore and I think Hank Marvin who inspired me to learn to play guitar is even in there somewhere.

I also have the chance to sing some of the greatest songs too. The performance combines live guitar and live vocals with some of the best backing tracks I have ever produced in my studio.

Using the amazing technology inherrent in my guitat rig, I am able to play synthesizer sounds, construct live riffs loops and using the Digitech VHM-5 deliver live 5 part harmonies.

I love to play to listening audiences in pubs and at those events where good music can be enjoyed.

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