Rig Configuration

Click to see configuration diagram of my stage rig










Foot Pedals

Floor pedals - The black Roland GR-33 Guitar Synth can be seen next to the Boss GT-3 Guitar multi effects unit. The Digitech VHM-5 MIDI-connected to produce 5 part vocal harmonies can be seen to the top left of the picture

Stage Rig

The business end of the rig (less the bass cabinets which are out-of-picture). It is recommended that seperate sound-systems (amp and speakers) are used for guitar and synth as each type of system has to deal with different frequencies. The guitar sound uses accentuated high and high-mid eq to produce 'that' guitar sound while the 'on-stage-PA' which I use here is capable of producing good bass responses for synth sounds


The Yamaha EMX-5014E power mixer delivers an impressive stereo
500W + 500W and takes stereo signals from the GR-33 MIDI guitar synth and also stereo signals form the 2 Marshall DSL 40 40W valve guitar combos.



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