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AJ learning at Dysongs Studio

Tracks by AJ Davidson

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Hotel California


Parisienne Walkways


Sweet Child Of Mine


Learning Resources to help you practice

To play the learning resource tracks, left click the title

To download and save then right click the title
and choose Save Target As and save to a folder of your choice

12 bar improvisation in 3 keys
Sweet Child Of Mine - track in Db
Sweet Child Of Mine - Chords in Db (Word doc)
Link to Gary Moore's Parrisienne Walkways
Parisienne Walkways Backing Track
Under the Bridge - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Strngth of the World - slower
Stairway to Heaven - full Solo Jimmy Page
Stairway to Heaven - practise part 2
Stairway to Heaven - practise part 4
Stairway to Heaven - practise part 5
Stairway to Heaven - practise part 6 LATEST

Some of these tracks are rather big files so please be patient when downloading or playing them

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